Florence in Bad Pictures

Florence in Bad Pictures

After three days, I was pretty eager to get to Florence. Venice is a small small city and while it has a lot of charm and romance to it, after three days we’d seen most of it.

Florence was my favorite. We arrived and rattled our way through the cobblestone streets with our rollerbags. Our Hotel was GORGEOUS and just a stones throw from the Duomo.

Enjoy our worst pictures.

1. The Duomo – Build in the 1400’s it still stands as the largest masonry dome in existence. I was so enthralled by the Duomo that I took out a book on its construction once we got home. Here is the Duomo (translates to ‘home’ not ‘dome) taken with incredibly shaky hands.

2. The inside of the Duomo – One of our trip highlights was climbing the inside of the Dome. In addition to seeing the very cool construction methods, we got great views of Florence from above. The climb was tight spaces and narrow steep stairs coupled with mildly numbing heights. This shot shows Jen on the far left and some random lady in the tight spiral staircase to the top.

3. Tools to build the Duomo! Brunelleschi not only developed the clever means to build the huge masonry dome, he also designed many of the tools used for construction. Check out this sweet out of focus picture of a selection of his tools

4. Cacio Vino Trallalla – Perhaps our most beloved lunch, this little place is off a side road by the Ponte Vecchio. Run by a cute Italian couple, the restaurant provided top notch food and extreme charm. Here I am looking pretty dang Quasimodo.

5. Michelangelo’s David – A must see on any trip to Florence, Michelangelo’s David was impressive beyond all my expectations. This picture captures the SmartBrick, a device that monitors the cracking of the marble.

Thursday, get stoked for bad pictures from our trip out to the Chianti region!

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  • 7/29/2014 at 11:54 am

    I love this bad photo series SO much.


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