Venice in Bad Pictures

Venice in Bad Pictures

We flew into Milan and on our first day in Italy took a train over to Venice. We had gelato and promptly got lost in the maze of streets and bridges. We stayed three days and checked out all of the standard tourist destinations. The problem is that it’s very hard to take a bad picture in Venice. The place is beautiful – still, let’s try.

1. Piazza San Marco – flooded. At night. With terrible exposure.

2. Ponte de Pune – translates to “fighting bridge”. Back in the day people used to fight and see who could knock the other into the water first. This selfie is very poorly aimed.

3. Street shot – Classic Mike D. Started the timer and set the time wrong.

4. Gondolas – Hilarious traffic jam.

5. Tourists go home! – Interestingly, tourism is Venice’s ONLY industry. Sure there’s Milano glass, but even that is deeply dependent on tourism.

6. List of Doges – A list of all the Dukes of Venice! Out of focus and completely uninteresting.

Next up? Florence.

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