Florence in Bad Pictures (Part II: The Chianti Region)

Florence in Bad Pictures (Part II: The Chianti Region)

Ahh, Chianti.

Jen and I took a one day trip into wine country as part of our exploration of the Tuscany region. Here’s a photodocumentary of our adventure featuring the worst photos from the trip.

We hopped in a van with 6 others and started winding our way out of downtown Florence. I was lucky enough to have a window seat as we soon began passing through beautiful tuscan hills. Olive trees and Vineyards extended as far as the eye could see. The landscape, peppered with castles and villas, was idyllic in every way. While we were zooming along the road, I leaned out the window with my camera to try and capture the scene and caught this first perfectly timed picture:

1. Tuscan hills: There is an amazing villa immediately behind that sign.
Tuscan Hills

The focus of this trip was Chianti.
Chianti was one of the first alcoholic beverages that I found myself enjoying. Defined by DOCG as a red wine with at least 80% Sangiovese grapes, Chianti is preferred by the locals with cheese or bread – almost never alone. It’s also conveniently cheap almost wherever you go! An expensive Chianti shouldn’t be more than about $35.

2. At the first winery, my face once again appearing fairly quasimodo.

3. Wine Cellar! Taken in shutter priority mode without proper timing.
Wine Cellar

Our second winery was at a beautiful villa, complete with gardens and dining room where we tried 6 different wines and enjoyed cheese, honey, and pasta. We relaxed in the gardens before venturing back to the city.

4. Jen took this gem of the gardens. I stepped in at the last second and she got this shot of my camera. That’s my chin in the upper right.

After a wonderfully relaxing day, we got back to the hotel.

5. Our hotel room. The lights switched off just exactly as I snapped the shot.
Hotel Room

Tune in tomorrow for terrible pictures from Cinque Terre!

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