Breaking Bath part two

The House of Rock endured two major bath renovations in 2012. Endure is an apt word choice because these renovations, not unlike all other Mike D projects, extended past the expected completion dates (understatement.) I’m here today to share pictures of the second overhaul.

Shockingly, I didn’t take ‘before’ pictures of the upstairs bath. The best I have is a mid-process shot:


And here’s the completed creation!


We dumped the tub, raised the roof, threw in a skylight and installed a new vanity and new tile! Walls were painted, fixtures were added, heaters were replumbed! The fan was upgraded, lighting improved! And lastly a beautiful frameless glass door now encloses the shower.

Distribution of labor:
Demolition and Plumbing – Mike D, Jen, and Brian
Electrical work – Brian
Purchasing of pieces – Mike D.
Building labor – Walker Builders (relative of Jesse – honest pricing/good work)

Two baths, two months, too much time spent plumbing.

I’m glad it’s done.

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