Kevin: Hawkeye

Recently Roommate Kevin has noticed his vision degrading. Proactive as he is, he ventured into the optometrist office yesterday with the sinking feeling that glasses were in his future.

Turns out his sight is declining from 20/10 to 20/15.

Apparently Kevin is degrading from SuperHero to SuperHuman.

Zero pity.

One thought on “Kevin: Hawkeye

  • 5/17/2012 at 11:24 am

    My sight has actually been getting better as I age, it’s gone from 20/20 when I was in college to 20/16, 20/13, and now I’m 20/10 at age 32. I also haven’t read a book since leaving college, is there a connection? I remember once you tried to get me to read The DaVinci Code, but a couple of those chapters that were longer than 5 pages really discouraged me.


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