During the superbowl season, one of the guys here at work had his NYGiants Rally Monkey stuffed toy abducted by a Patriots fan. The resulting fallout was hilarious and included, amongst other things, various photoshopped Monkey football pictures and a new company e-mail account for Monkey. While the superbowl drama subsided, Monkey’s e-mail remains fairly active. Every once in awhile Monkey sends out an e-mail of encouragement or harmless mockery.

This week, I’ve been working hard to complete a few critical customer proposals. It’s tedious work that requires a lot of back and forth with the bosses. This morning, one of my bosses sent the following email:

To: Company President, Mike D, and Monkey.

Mike D

As you have experienced some difficulty this week completing the quotes, I am requesting Monkey manage this process to closure. Please provide Monkey any resources or assistance he may require.

Monkey’s reply to all:

Mike D: I’m glad to help. I can get this done.

As for resources please provide for me a carton of noisemakers, 4 binder clips, a sombrero and Tony Danza.


Oh Monkey. You’re so crazy.

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