Kite flying is under-appreciated.

Yesterday, my sisters, brother in law, and I drove up to Provincetown for breakfast and some shopping. Provincetown is super quaint and it was an extremely relaxing day. Upon our return, however, I learned that the wind was blowing mightily and I was missing some prime kiting time. Theresa and I headed down to the beach with my kiteboarding practice kite to have some fun. Theresa took pictures!

The wind was awesome! With my mere half meter kite I was being pulled aggressively whenever I carved my kite through the power zone.

Who likes kite flying? This guy!

With a two string kite, you can easily control the direction of your kite. And on beautifully windy days like yesterday, the kite will scream as you zoom it around.

(Kites for kiteboarding are four string which allow you to also adjust the power of the kite.)

The Kitebar

Back when I first got the kite, Ryan Schenk recommended that I add a kitebar to make the flying more closely resemble kiteboarding.  By pulling one side of the bar back towards your body you can get the kite to carve in the direction of the pull.

Insane wind!!
This is what vacation is all about.

Seriously.  Kite flying is bliss.

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