On Wednesday I was in my backyard trying to get a closer look at the river otter that has returned to our little pond when I spotted a large bird perched at the top of an overhanging tree. AN OSPREY! I was stunned! We’re about 4 or 5 miles in from the coast, so I never expected one to venture so far inland. But alas! There it was!

Birds of Prey are wonderful because they sit still for extended periods of time. I booked it back up to the house and pulled out my telescope with my camera mount to snag a pic.


In general, telescope pictures are hard to take. The focal length for most star related activities is infinity – so easy! But for close stuff the adjustment is coarse and the light balance is terrible. I spent a bit of time trying to get this one right, but it’s still whitewashed.

Still, I’m stoked about the bird. Such a treat!

Nick’s Bike

Ex-roommate Nick left his motorcycle behind when he moved in order to save himself the effort of moving a vehicle that he was planning on selling anyway. He enlisted us, his trusted roommates to help him make the sale by taking some pictures of the bike.

On Sunday morning, we took pictures.

Oh, did we ever take pictures.

oh so sexy
Work it Kevin.
Jen's Blue Steel
Team effort

Change of Scenery
"Look natural."
Brain get's romantic
Playing cards in the game room
Get him!
Got him.
The Classiest Bike in America.

In other news, I’m in Chicago for business this week.

Augustography – Pregame.

Okay Readers. August is just around the corner. So let’s get pumped for photographs like whoa. Here’s how it’s going to work. We have eight participants. Each day, we must post one photograph to our blogs – and that photograph must have been taken within 24 hours of the publishing time. As advance notice, my photos will probably be going up in the evenings.

How can you see all these photographs? The easiest way is to sign up for their RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. This can be done very easily using Google Reader. Here are the sites to subscribe to:

          (a note about Mika’s site. Better to use the RSS button on the site itself.
          Jesse reports that using the recommended gooogle reader site is not actually the correct one.)
UPDATE: kurt is in!!
ANOTHER UPDATE: Alicia is in!!

Alternatively, Ben has convinced me to also copy the code from each of these sites and to amass the pictures here. I can’t do this for any pictures e-mailed to me or linked in comments because formatting pictures for websites can be time consuming – and I already anticipate this will be quite a bit of work. But, if you want to make up a blog for this event and send me the link, I’ll include your photos in the bunch. For new blogs, the management here at MikeDiDonato.com recommends Tumblr.

Otherwise, feel free to post links to pictures in the comment section for each day in August.

We might have some themed days and stuff but right now I don’t know what will happen. Overall, I’m just curious to see how all this goes. We’ll see how many of the mighty eight can continue the marathon for the full month.

This will not be easy.


Hello good readers.

Next Monday shall start 31 days of photography here on MikeDiDonato.com. What makes this all the more exciting is that seven of my friends have agreed to participate as well: Jon Abad, Eileen, Ben, Mika, Pete, Vivienne, and Cam!

The only two rules:
1. Post a picture on your blog every day in August.
2. The picture must have been taken within the previous 24 hours of the posting time.

Maybe hugely artistic pictures will come of our efforts! And certainly there will be days where we take terrible pictures too!! But you know what? it’s something different and something to make our lives a little more interesting and memorable. If this project interests you, I encourage you to join us! I think it could be pretty fun. I’ll be posting the web addresses of my friends who are participating in order to spread the community of photography. You can sign up to their RSS feeds and everyone can marvel at the wealth of photographs! If you e-mail me letting me know that you’d like to participate before Friday, I’ll make sure your blog is mentioned in the mix. You can e-mail me at: MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com.

Get pumped for photographs.