The Castle’s Demise

Firstly, I must apologize for my lack of an update yesterday. I was anticipating a quiet day here on Cape Cod full of beaches and website updates, but instead got an early morning text from my boss who encouraged me to participate in some work meetings with one of the mega-bosses who was in town. So I zipped back to CT for the day and returned last night to resume my vacation where it had left off.

Back to the castle!

The water began its frontal assault on the front barricades at 1:50pm. Dad D. built the wall and it survived many a wave before falling to its relentless foe.

The Tide Rushes over the Ramparts

Soon the water had climbed over the moat and began surrounding the castle proper.

Note to Tom: We had to replace your carved waterfall with a staircase after an unfortunate sand collapse

It wasn’t long before erosion began pulling down the castle’s carvings. Perhaps the most beautiful was the ruin of the carved Colosseum.


As the minutes ticked on, the castle stood alone in a rising tide.

The Island Castle

The castle survived for an hour and ten minutes. After which we all went home for dinner. This year, for the first time, we decided to return to the scene of the destruction later in the evening. The tide had come and gone… but evidence of the castle remained. Check it out:

The shadow of a sandcastle

Awesome! I’m hoping the silhouette of our labor will last the rest of my vacation.

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