The Kitchen. Part IV.

Halfway point celebratory photo.

Originally, I had planned on just using dry wall as a ceiling. This decision was changed however after a conversation with a few guys at work who really voiced an appreciation for bead board.

Bead board is a set of patterned tongue and groove boards which can be tightly pressed together to create an elegant finished look.

Tongue and Groove!

We started on the south wall, and slowly moved across the room.

Beginning the bead board

It went together pretty easily. The hardest part was cutting the holes for the light fixtures.

We are men of ACTION.

Special thanks to Shamus for bringing his propane nail gun. The thing was essential to the job. Without it, this effort would have been a failure.

Thank heavens for Shamus’ nail gun

Making progress

We kind of got into a rhythm. My dad and Jesse would size the pieces and cut them while the rest of us held the pieces in place and nailed them. Occasionally, we’d need to hammer them in, but mostly the tongue groove system worked effortlessly.

Tony being a champ.

Almost there!

Bead board = complete.

With the bead board up, it was time to take a break and start looking at some appliances. I wanted to have a fully operational battle station kitchen as soon as possible.

Tune in tomorrow for appliances and trims!

2 thoughts on “The Kitchen. Part IV.

  • 10/16/2009 at 11:04 am

    You know, I didn’t. But there’s one little opening still left above the sink.

    I will time capsule it up.


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