The Kitchen. Part III

With the old soffit down, it was time to start building.

The plan was to build both soffits out about the same distance. That way we could put lights into each soffit and have a gloriously lit kitchen once all was done.

The first framework in place.

Anchoring the soffit

Dad D taking measurements!

Whoever put up the last soffit did a terrible job. The structure was anchored to loose boards and it was all very haphazardly constructed. We wanted to do a bit better. You’ll notice in this next picture that I’m hammering in a board between joists in order to provide a support bracket. That way we could anchor right at the edge of the soffit, and at the same time better support the drywall that would go on the soffit’s front.

getting into the work.

Thankfully, House of Rock resident Brian is an electrician. This proved extremely handy as he did all the lighting.

Brian running the wires for the pendant lights.

Once the soffit was up, we put drywall on the front.

Drywall – in action!

Tune in tomorrow to watch the bead board ceiling come together!

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