Belated Sweater Thursday!

Yesterday was Sweater Thursday!

Actually, last Thursday was also sweater Thursday but I found myself pretty uncomfortably busy for these past two weeks so today I will wrap up all those super sweaters into one epic post.

Let’s get started. First up we’ve got Jocelyn’s coworker Ceri. Look at all that sweater confidence!


Now let’s take a look at Chris. Here are Chris’s words

Honestly, I’m trying to wear the most out of fashion sweaters ever to try and become and legend among my students. Much like Chris Dane Owens is a legend in his own right. My mom found me this sweater. The other clothes I’m wearing don’t really match (I don’t think anything can), but it’s as close as I could come.



Here we’ve got Ian with a nice collared shirt/sweater combo. I think this might be my favorite sweater style attack.


Here’s Sarah, also sporting the collared shirt sweater combo


We’ve got MORE! Here’s Viv!


And Chris comes sweeping in again with a new sweater. Dang Chris. These sweaters are F-I-N-E fine. I actually might think this is my favorite sweater of all sweater Thursday sweaters to date.


Also, mad props to Jobonga for successfully posting 40 sweater Thursdays at her website.

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