Sweater Thursday!

It’s Thursday! and here’s my sweater.

Mike D in orange

That half-smirk is the placating smile of someone who is still suffering form a cold but still came to work and is struggling to grin for his camera.

I don’t think I’ve paired that tie with this sweater before. I like the contrast. I think it’s fun.

Mykal contributed a photo of Corbin! Check out his sweet sweater outfit.

Sweater Outfit!

Also: Wow. that is some amazing floor.

Sweater Thursday!

Another Thursday is here! Let’s go to the photos.

Today I’m wearing a blue ribbed sweater with a shirt and tie combo that is fairly pleasant. It’s worth noting that that pizza was gone before the picture completed loading.


Next up we’ve got Mykal and Corbin!

Corbin and Mykal!

Mykal asked that it be noted that Corbin is actually wearing sweater PANTs as well. Here’s another picture:

Corbin with sweaterish pants!

Next up we’ve got Erin coming in with an Argyle number. Lookin’ classy Erin!

I am always a fan of the argyle.

And finally an awesome photo of Kurt and Stephen


So fantastically twinny! Thanks for the sweater photos!!

Oh, hello there Sweater Thursday.

I like using a fun accent color with dark toned sweaters.
Mykal and Corbin

Ahh, the first of the baby sweaters though admittedly that picture was sent to me a few weeks ago before I had my sweaters in order. Anyway, I anticipate more than a few baby sweater photos this year. For example…

Stephen! (note: kurt's)

Kurt’s kid is rockin’ some Tron-esque stripes. I approve.


And there’s Colleen! The contrast between sweater and hair is awesome in that photo.