Christmas Sweaters!

It’s Christmas Sweater time! I know that we’ve all been looking forward to this particularly special sweater occasion, but I must admit that I am out of my own sweaters. Today I’m wearing one of my dad’s sweaters. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more sweaters soon, but for now I’m on borrowed sweaters.

So let’s start!

First we have Mike D, Mom D, and Uncle J.


Next up we have Tim with a special holiday sweater and a special thank you to his lady friend Jocelyn who made him that adorable little owl. Aww man… that’s the cutest.


Sarah T. returns this week with a stunningly purple number. So bright and colorful!!


And finally we end with our anonymous Sweater wearer. Take it away sweater person!


and that’s a wrap! Sadly, I won’t be around next Thursday for Sweater Thursday. So hold on to your pictures until the second week of January! Until then!

One thought on “Christmas Sweaters!

  • 12/26/2008 at 8:45 pm

    This past Christmas I received many a very glorious sweater (“anonymous sweater wearer” I will purchase your sweater off you!) for the amusement of my high school students. I’m not saying these sweaters are ugly. I just wouldn’t wear them anywhere else outside of high school. Hopefully I remember to document the feat whenever it happens to be Thursday…


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