Sweater Thursday!!!

It’s the Thanksgiving edition!!

Today the DiDonato family donned sweaters in honor of the holiday. We were sad to miss Leesh and Dwane, but this didn’t stop us from eating mass quantities of food.

Yay DiDonatos!

Next up we have first time contributor Sander. He included his with a caption: “no more Turkey for me, thanks”


Sarah T. pulled out a green number for her Thanksgiving

Lookin’ stylish Sarah!

We also have an anonymous contributor this week. This particular contributor is wearing a very warm looking white sweater with sweet patterns.


Jocelyn keeps it real. This time with a red sweater and a clean bathroom.


And finally we conclude with Chicago Caitlin who sent me a few photos of the sweater she’s crocheting. We can’t wait for the completed sweater photos.



Homemade sweaters for the win!

feel free to e-mail me pictures of your sweater on this fine holiday and I’ll post them. MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com

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