Sweater Thursday!

Hey everybody! It’s Sweater Thursday again!

Send me your sweater photos, and I’ll post ’em on the blog.

First, my sweater. It’s brown. Nearly 50% of my sweaters are brown. I’m okay with this though. This particular one has a pretty sweet texture to it. Over the years of ownership it has shrunk a little bit, so it’s just barely long enough on the arms. Any shorter and I’ll have to retire it to the bin of the well worn.


I’ve gone with a pink tie to add some excitement. Despite this, I still look a little shell shocked in the photo. I blame the ungodly hour of 6:00am.

Mykal joins us!! I love her bright green color. It puts my brown ensemble to shame.

And the striped color? Nice touch!

Jocelyn continues her participation streak with a homemade handknit sweater!
I like the swatch of texture on the left.

Vivienne is another first time contributor to Sweater Thursday!
not only is she wearing a stylish sweater, you can see on the left of the picture there is a fantastic view of her brand new purple coat which, though it isn’t a sweater, is totally awesome.

Irene is looking thoughtful in her gray sweater today.
Excellent Sweater pose!

Jesse goes Easter Island style!
Jesse’s sweater matches the giant head pretty well actually.

E-mail your sweater photos to mikedidonato AT gmail D0T com!!

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