Sweater Thursday!

Hey Everybody!

It’s Sweater Thursday! Today will be a bit of a strange sweater Thursday because I am on the road and will not have access to e-mail until late tonight. So! If you have a photo of yourself and your sweater today, then please feel free to e-mail it over to MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com. Tonight, I’ll update the website upon my return from work, and hopefully we’ll have scored a big catch of fresh fun sweaters.

Enough chit chat. Let’s sweater.

This week mine is a turtle neck sweater with deep groves of warmth.

This week Ryan and Ruth are CRAZY*

Jocelyn was in a rush today, but she still snagged a sweater photo. that’s dedication!

Irene joins us with a fun belted sweater. Stylish Irene, Stylish!

Sigh. Jesse goes pun style on us. in his words:

“it was really hard to fit my stupid head in that pant leg, let me tell you! HOT in there too. in this picture, I WAS the sweat-er.”

har har har.

And we conclude with Sarah’s sweater. Apparently this is a new sweater and also apparently it was made with the hides of hundreds of adorable rabbits.

Thanks to all the sweater thursday participants! For more sweaters (yes more!) check out Darcy’s site (1 sweater), and Jobonga’s site (3 sweaters).

Rock on sweater people!


5 thoughts on “Sweater Thursday!

  • 11/6/2008 at 9:46 pm

    Thursday is now my favorite non-weekend day. Sweaters and Grey’s Anatomy! Amazing.

    I have to go anesthetize the poor little hairless bunnies now.

  • 11/7/2008 at 12:03 pm

    *Schenk is ALWAYS crazy.

    Also, making a sweater out of rabbit fur does not necessarily require skinning them. I’m not sure it would still be a sweater if it was made of hides.

  • 11/8/2008 at 9:18 pm

    I keep forgetting to take photos! Next week, maybe.


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