Irene’s Halloween 2008

John and Irene had their annual Halloween bash on Saturday night. I needed a costume that could compete with last year’s nunchucks. I don’t think I surpassed them, but I’m pleased with my costume nonetheless.

The Concept: Scrabble D.

The Execution:
That’s Darcy on the right as a Popple. Also, it should be noted that HOLY CRAP I NEED A HAIRCUT.

Here are some other fun photos from the night:

Darcy eats my scrabble tile as Irene stands provocatively as Madonna.

Darcy was really going at that tile. She likes to gnaw.

without arms, it was difficult for me to eat and drink. Thankfully, Iron man was available to help me out.

Me and Chris (some shrubbery)

Scrabble D and the Popples*

Really, the night was a huge success. More photos may appear later as party participants post photos on facebook.

*Whoa – band name potential?

One thought on “Irene’s Halloween 2008

  • 11/3/2008 at 2:55 pm

    Everyone looked spectacular! Thanks everyone for making the evening amazing – couldn’t have done it without you!


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