Page loads for January.

Holy Crap! January 17th was INTENSE.


that’s 2,293 page loads on Thursday the 17th. If we were to look at page loads as a meter of popularity, the 17th is the hottest.

Here’s the top five days of posts according to page loads:

Name that tune: January 17th

Band name showdown: January 18th

Disney Haikus: January 2nd

Free Swim #2: January 14th

Band Names & Monster Trucks: January 25th

Something to note about page loads… If someone were to sit at their computer and hit refresh 5 times… it would count as 5 page loads. Or, if you went to my website and then visited 4 different parts of the website… that would also be considered page loads. So it’s not an accurate representation of the number of people, simply the eagerness at which people are coming back and exploring the depths of the website.

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