This Book will Change Your Life.

Kurt has made all the posts for today, the 19th of January. Take it away Kurt!

So as most of you know the New Year brings along a slew of resolutions, proclamations, Power Teams, and many other and varied methods to improve yourself. There is a gold mine in Self help books for those people that aren’t satisfied with the way they currently perceive themselves. Now I’m extremely happy with where I am and how things are going in my life so I don’t need any of those things.
That was until last year in March as I was out spending some money on a bunch of new books to read. I usually end my shopping sprees in the humor books, cause who can’t use a good laugh? NO-ONE! Thats who. So I was rummaging and I found this book. This Book Will Change your Life . So I picked it up and didn’t even look at the inside, and purchased it. When I got home I started to leaf through it, and found it to be quite funny. Now there are 365 things to do, one each day of the year. The book is obviously making fun of all those self help books I previously mentioned, and I bet the author didn’t intend for anyone to really follow through with this. I thought it would be a fun little exercise to see if indeed this book would change my life. So I saved the book until this New Years to seriously read through it and actually do Everything that is in the book. So here goes….

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  • 1/19/2008 at 12:08 am

    I can’t wait to do something fun and exciting EVERY SINGLE HOUR TOMORROW!!!!


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