Day 1: Warm up

The Book has me start off with a simple task for today. I don’t know if they wanted me to not strain a brain muscle but thats cool. There was a collection of 15 or so task to do and they asked me to chose one as my warm up. I did 4. The first one was to fantasize about your partner. We will leave that one right there. The next one was to tell someone my middle name, and Katrina was the lucky recipient of that tidbit of Knowledge. I decided which one of my toes was the prettiest (Big Leftie, FTW), and finally I went on a one minute hunger strike. I struck for the fair treatment of Hollywoods writer’s. Apparently I did those tasks at 1:30 in the morning right after the ball dropped on New years Day, and after I had about 7 drinks. It sure was a good thing that I wrote all this down at the time.

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