Kurt’s Epic Thanksgiving Part III


Thanksgiving Day. The day that all the traveling the day before was about. People travel hundreds upon hundreds of miles (360 for me this year) just to eat was essentially is a big dinner. But not just any dinner. One of the biggest feasts you will have all year. Besides a wedding and sometimes Christmas (or other December Holiday for our Multi Religious Friends reading this) you aren’t going to be eating this much food in a while. Lets start off with the big bird. No..not Big Bird, THE big bird. A turkey kicking in somewhere in the welter weight division. Sometimes stuffed to the brim full of onions, carrots, celery and other delicious things. You might have had him (or her) brined, broiled, baked, smoked, Fried, or some combination of those, or maybe some totally new awesome way to cook a turkey that didn’t show up on my culinary radar that you need to tell us about.
Oh man…there isn’t a site in this world more glorious than watching someone carve that turkey and all the juices roll right on out. Oh man, excuse me while I go see if we have any turkey in the fridge.
Where was I? Oh yeah…Food. Turkey is just the beginning i’m afraid. Your stomach is definately going to earn that big paycheck you’ve been paying him today. Mashed potatoes, Cranberries (from a can or from the real deal), squash, Green Bean Casserole (My Fav!), sweet potatoes, gravy, stuffing, dressing, fresh baked bread and so much more. Man alive. You know you can’t just walk on by and not take a piece of everything. The structural integrity of your plate is going to be put to the test. In my family, if you don’t try everything at least once you get made fun of relentlessly. AND if you don’t go up for seconds you are called “Mrs. Nancy Pants” until you do go up.
And where would I be not talking about the Desserts. Pies, cakes, cookies, canoli’s, brownies, candy and ice cream. Your yearly festivities may differ slightly but if you don’t walk away going into both Turkey Coma and Sugar Shock you surely didn’t do something right….or you’re a commie.

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