Kurt’s Epic Thanksgiving Part II


Now don’t tell me, “Kurt, Thats not Thanksgiving yet!”, cause if you do I’ll smack you and call you stupid. If you haven’t checked out of work, either mentally or physically at 1pm on Wednesday, you are either a Commie or, well I gues thats it. Your a commie. I mean I know I was sitting around counting the seconds tick on by the moment I got in (I’m a special kind of lazy). You just can’t help thinking about all the food you are gonna eat, and all the fun your gonna have with family and friends you probably haven’t seen in a long time. Now say you are a communist and you did work right up to 5pm on Wednesday, then you get out go home and do whatever you do at home.
Some people might think about getting a headstart on the next days cooking, but then again that ain’t me either. I think Thanksgiving Eve Is one of the biggest going out nights there are. Especially for us the young crowd. All your friends from High School are back from college, or wherever they decided to settle down and they are out reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”. Hanging out at bars talking to good friends is probably as good as it gets. At least thats what you think right up untill you wake up the next day and have to eat. We’ll get into to Thursday in the next hours issue.

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