Kurt’s Epic Thanksgiving Part IV


If at this point you aren’t stuck in a tryptophan induced coma, congratulations. Also if you were able to get up at 2am for the latest Target Blockbuster, Early Bird, First Come First Serve, limited engagement, Freeze your butt-off-a-thon, shopfest, then congratulations. It takes a person with an Iron Will to go out and combat all those rabid Soccer moms who are battling for the latest Tickle me Elmo, or pokemon. Shouldering them out of the way to get the greatest deal is amazing. I give my brother’s girlfriend mad props for being out there, and I tip my hat to you if you were part of the raving lunatics who were able to take advantage of the great deals. I on the other hand waited around like a vulture to pick at the scraps left by the birds of prey. I was able to find some good deals (which I won’t mention here since people may be getting them for their birthday’s that come after Christmas). But the main reason I go out is for my number one favorite past time. People Watching.
5’4″ 90 lb moms, pushing a double stroller laden with kids and gifts, spilling her Hot cocoa, or other delicious beverage on the floor makes me giggle. Call me a bad person, I don’t care. Thats classic comedy. All sorts of folk come out of the wood work to take advantage of Black Friday in their own way. Mine is to make fun of and take perverse pleasure in the misfortune of others. The holiday season really brings out my good qualities.

I’m not going to dive into the saturday or sunday following the holiday, well, because they are just a regular weekend to me. If you feel like I should have talked about it, well too bad. You should have asked me two months ago when I wrote all this stuff. Stay tuned for another senseless ramblin later in the month. Happy January!

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