T-Shirt Design Contest

As many of you know, my father plays sax for a band called Tabasco Fiasco.

He wants to silk screen some t-shirts for the band, and is looking to you for awesome ideas.

The band consists of 5 members: Two horns, a bass, set, and guitar. They play a bunch of local gigs in Massachusetts, with a focus on the classic rock genre.

SO. your task… if you choose to accept it, is to design an image to be silk screened onto t-shirts. Feel free to come up with a logo or slogan if you’d like. Typically the band has been represented by a chili pepper, but I’m sure that they’d be willing to explore other ideas if you have them.

The best design, as chosen by my dad, will be plastered onto the t-shirts of the band and the designer will get a free t-shirt for themselves.

This may be the first MikeDiDonato.com art contest where MSPaint isn’t required. All I ask is that you try and restrict your color usage to no more than three colors. example: Black, red, green.

My Dad!

E-mail your entries to me at MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com. The deadline is tentatively Saturday March 24th at midnight.

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