A Poem by Theresa

I hear that bananas are running low
They’re becoming extinct in places they grow.
They are still yellow and yummy its true
But they have no seeds so what do we do?

I am sad because I love them a lot
They’re good when you’re running or when you’re not.
It’s not like they’re gone right now
But they’re more extinct than the brown cow

And more extinct than tomatos or limes
When they’re gone we’ll have such sad times.
The problem is that diseases all spread
From one sick banana to the entire banana bed

And soon from one country to another and more
An international crisis we cannot ignore
Let me say again that this point is not moot
Viruses are attacking our vulnerable fruit!

The banana is like a delicate flower
And bio technology has all the power
To breed the banana forever I hope
Then the monkeys and I will be able to cope.

One thought on “A Poem by Theresa

  • 12/9/2005 at 12:28 pm

    That was great. This DiDonato family is really beaning them out there… are you accepting memberships?


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