Potato Update

CONFIRMED: The Potato button on our microwave is a miraculous wonder. We’ve tried it with plain potatoes and sweet potatoes. Our massively successful attempt required stabbing the potato with a fork a handful of times and hitting the button. We’ve even done TWO AT ONCE, by appropriately answering the even more convenient “how many potatoes” query.


I’ve been converted.

2 comments on “Potato Update”

  1. Kurt from Work Reply

    How is your hand doing? Still got a big wad of Handburger?

    • mike d. Reply

      Still rather Handburgery! My ring finger is all sealed up, though mildy warped due to scar tissue. My pinky’s fingernail hasn’t fallen off yet, but it will. I still have to keep a bandaid on it most of the time so that it doesn’t get caught on something and rip off.

      Good times.
      Good times.

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