Important Buttons

Here is the convenience cooking button template for our Microwave

POPCORN: Yes. Definitely.

BEVERAGE: Soooooo useful! Cider, Coffee, Tea? Whatever your heart desires at perfectly hot but not scalding temperatures.

REHEAT: IDEAL LEFTOVERS TEMPERATURE ALMOST EVERY TIME. No more rough approximations that result in hot edges and cold centers. This button does it all.

POTATO: What? Who the heck cooks their potatoes in the microwave? Is this a thing? I’ve never done this. If you asked me for top ten microwave uses, I would never have thought to include heating a potato. Am I weird? Do most people microwave their potatoes? Are potatoes tricky to reheat? Does it require some sort of special microwave algorithm for optimum cookedness?

I have so many questions.

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  1. Jon from work - not your work, i mean, i'm at my work. i'm jon and i'm at my work. Reply

    I have microwaved a potato, it comes out pretty well once you have the timing dialed in, presuming that you are after potato goodness sans crunchy skin.

    My concern with the potato button is the same as with all of them, which is that they are optimized for a certain size of popcorn, leftover and so on.

    So now my question is as to the size and type of potato that this button is intended for…
    I would presume a russet? or maybe Yukon gold? how big?

    • mike d. Reply

      Jon. When you cooked the potato, was it… like… a baked potato? Or was it a reheat of something like mashed potatoes, or scalloped potatoes?
      So you put the raw potato in, like, a napkin… and just nuked it? And suddenly baked potato?

      Suddenly baked potato?

      • Jon Abad from home Reply

        The potato is best wrapped in some plastic wrap and then, yes after 10 minutes it is “suddenly baked”!

        In looking now at these so called recipes, not everyone calls for the wrap but I think its the simplest way to get it to steam.

        • mike d. Reply

          Microwaved for 10 minutes!! Gad zooks!

          Despite the surprising length of time necessary, I think I’ll try this and report back.

          • Mikal

            Our kids love baked potatoes but we often don’t have the time to do a full oven bake. Tom starts them off in the microwave for five minutes or so and then finishes them off in the oven.

  2. mom d Reply

    You can take a sweet potato, wrap it in a very damp paper towel, nuke it for a bit, turn it over and continue and it comes out really well. Length of time depends on size of the potato ( saw Alicia do this and started after that!).

  3. mike d. Reply

    All these comments have me thinking we’ll be buying a lot of Potatoes in the near future.

    Within the next few weeks I hope to post a thorough review of our Microwave’s Potato button.

  4. Jobonga Reply

    The potato button is my favorite thing about our microwave! I just wash it, stab it a bunch and put it in without covering. I believe it senses moisture to decide when it’s done because I cook all kinds in there – from one small red potato to several big russets. Excellent for hungry kids who love potatoes.

  5. Alicia Reply

    Oh hey, cool, I didn’t know mom copied my potato thing. It’s the best thing ever, especially w small kiddos who enjoy sweet potato. You can have one done in a few minutes rather that having to hear the oven or boil or whatever.

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