Unnatural Frustration

I have an unnecessarily acute distaste for license plate holders that boldly advertise the dealership where the car was purchased. You just spent tens of thousands of dollars on an incredible machine with precision components that can generate 100’s of horse power and there’s a cheap plastic holder for your license plate that says “BA-BA-BA-BARNIES CARS IN BARVILLE”

I guess I have to applaud the companies that pull it off. If you can stick an advertisement on the back of a Lexus and the owner never bothers to take it off, good on you.

One thought on “Unnatural Frustration

  • 3/27/2017 at 7:06 pm


    Similar frustrations:
    License plate frames that obscure important information like the name of the state. Here in WA, I’ve noticed that our license plate designs shift everything down a bit to make sure that nothing is obscured, but that’s not true for all states.

    States that put websites on their websites. Why is this even a thing? You live in Florida, not in MyFlorida.com. If I lived in Florida (or any other state that had a website on my license plate, I would tape over the “my” and “.com”.


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