The immovable object vs the unstoppable force

An amazing drama unfolded before us on the carpool ride to work today. On the back roads of East Haven a school bus stopped, its lights flashing, stop sign extended, and door open waiting for a late student. A row of cars began lining up on each side of the road.

Suddenly from behind us blared the siren of an approaching ambulance.


As we obediently pulled over to let the ambulance by, the door of nearby house opened and an elementary school child began a slow trot towards the bus, his large backpack bouncing back and forth with the pace of his stride. THE KID WAS DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO BEAT THE AMBULANCE. I could feel every driver holding their breath. Who takes priority? The child? or the person in desperate health need?

The ambulance screamed up to the bus… and applied its brakes!

Siren blaring, the ambulance waited anxiously as the kid trotted across the lawn!!┬áThe little kid started boarding the bus. The bus promptly killed its flashing lights and retracted the stop sign. The bus started rolling forward, presumably trying to pull over more so the ambulance could pass. The ambulance, its patience exhausted, BLARED its horn screaming at the bus “DONT DO ANYTHING, I GOT THIS,” swerved around the bus and hauled towards its destination.


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