About a year ago I took on the added role of being the IT ambassador at my company. This job has zero benefits. Information Technology is a thankless field. Never has anyone walked into my office and proclaimed: “The network is working beautifully! Thank you for keeping everything status quo!”

Instead, it is nothing easier than wading through a tide of complaints complicated by bottomless computer naivety.

Adding to the excitement is that our IT infrastructure is a carefully balanced bridge built of toothpicks and mini-marshmallows. That’s not to say it’s weak… it just defies common sense. And in the past whenever a weakness appeared we’d throw marshmallows and toothpicks at the problem until it was fixed.

The good news? I’m going to fix it. Bottom to top, we’ll have an solid design by the end of summer.

The hilarious news? This endeavor includes the cleaning out of old cabinets and storage rooms. Yesterday we found this:


I feel better knowing we’ve got that as a back-up.

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  1. Joey Reply

    I appreciate most of all that it’s in quotes.

    I wonder if IT is so thankless because we only draw attention to the exceptions. When we have an outage at work, we send out a “Unexpected System Outage” email. Perhaps we should just start send out “System Performed as Expected” emails every day there is no outage instead.

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