Garage Band

Garage Band is a sweet application for Mac products. It started as a standard program appearing on all Mac computers that provides the user with an interface where he or she can link together pre-recorded loops and record new music for composition. When the iPad came out, Apple made Garage Band an app available for purchase (it costs about five bucks).

The biggest obvious difference between the purchasable app and the installed software is that the app provides a musical instrument interface. It gives you a fretboard where you can play guitar and bass riffs. It provides you a keyboard to play piano, or organ. There’s a drumset. There’s even a sampling mixer.

I’ve played with it a bit and come up with some fun tunes, but only recently did Apple update the Garage Band app to also include a strings interface. Now I can strum or pluck away at a Cello, Bass, or Viola Violin. Oh the options!!

This inspired me to rework a song that I’d diddled with last summer. I’ll post the song tomorrow so make sure to revisit the site then!

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