Theresa, you need an iPhone.

My sister is a very traditional sort of lady. In fact, I think she’d fit in really well if you were to drop her into the Renaissance*, progressive, medieval**, or romantic eras. This is opposed to me, who would struggle heartily in any other era but our modern one.

Because of her traditional nature, Theresa is slow to accept some of modern life’s joys. E-books? Not her thing. Her recipes? In a rolodex.

So I wrote a song. It’s called: “Theresa, you need an iPhone.”


Theresa, You Need an iPhone

*this might be the most annoying word to spell. On the planet.
**you know, this one’s annoying too. I feel bad for history majors. They get stuck with all the tricky words.

One thought on “Theresa, you need an iPhone.

  • 5/9/2012 at 12:17 pm

    Pat is still regularly singing the song to me. Particularly the part about the excuses!


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