About a year ago I took on the added role of being the IT ambassador at my company. This job has zero benefits. Information Technology is a thankless field. Never has anyone walked into my office and proclaimed: “The network is working beautifully! Thank you for keeping everything status quo!”

Instead, it is nothing easier than wading through a tide of complaints complicated by bottomless computer naivety.

Adding to the excitement is that our IT infrastructure is a carefully balanced bridge built of toothpicks and mini-marshmallows. That’s not to say it’s weak… it just defies common sense. And in the past whenever a weakness appeared we’d throw marshmallows and toothpicks at the problem until it was fixed.

The good news? I’m going to fix it. Bottom to top, we’ll have an solid design by the end of summer.

The hilarious news? This endeavor includes the cleaning out of old cabinets and storage rooms. Yesterday we found this:


I feel better knowing we’ve got that as a back-up.

Skateboard Sailing

Skateboard Sailing from Ryan Schenk on Vimeo.

Last night, we had some decent winds from Tropical Storm Hanna, so my friend Jonathan and I used an old sailboat mast, trash bag, and some scraps of wood to build this great gaff-rigged, sail-powered skateboard. We took it to the beach and ripped around the parking lot and down the street.

Looking back at the windspeed graphs on, it was blowing 40mph and gusting to 48 at the time this was filmed!

We only got one video because it was raining like crazy and we didn’t want to get the camera wet.

File this one in ‘What were they thinking?!’

There are a lot of people taking this coming Monday off from work.

List of important people out of the office:
Financial Controller
VP of Customer Service
Head of Operations
Head of Domestic Purchasing
Head of International Purchasing
Head of Engineering

what does this mean? Brace yourselves now… on Monday December 31st I, Mike D, will be in charge.

The employees are thoroughly confused as to why management would ever let this happen. This morning as people read the e-mail I heard comments coming from corners of the office:

“Mike DiDonato? what?”
“Mike DiDonato’s in charge??!”
“look out. Mike D’s in charge.”

I think they recognize that this may be the most rocking (or disastrous) day in our company’s history.

First, I am going to throw a pizza party. Also, I’m going to try and make everyone wicked awesome t-shirts. I was even thinking of breaking out the Christmas lights and making a giant christmas lights mural on the wall.

I need even more ideas, send ’em in. This could be a day of reckoning folks.