Ultimate Roland

The other night I had a dream that Roland finally visited the House of Rock and, of course, we decided to play some ultimate frisbee.

Turns out, Roland is unstoppable.

There we were, on the field, Roland about 50 meters to my left. The frisbee was thrown about 5 meters in front of me and Roland engaged some sort of super human thrust and reached it before I did. It didn’t help that I was experiencing dream-slow running. His fitness was alarming.

Also, he didn’t have an english accent. who knew?

Neck Smash!

A bunch of us played a rowdy game of 6 on 5 Ultimate Frisbee last night. All was going well until John (a.k.a. the Wrecking Ball) plowed into me halfway through. I practically went into orbit and my neck got all sorts of sprained. This morning, even after 3 pills and focused heating, I’m still feeling mighty stiff.

But it was worth it. What a game! For the whole evening there was a very light rain which really added to the mayhem. I’m going to have to start working on some good maneuvers to escape heavy defense. They had me double teamed a bit last night and it was frustrating. And really, when The Wrecking Ball wasn’t attempting to break my bones, he was doing a very good job of guarding me fiercely.

Interestingly, I’m beginning to feel far more comfortable with the forehand throw then the backhand.