Wedding Dreams

Jen and I have wildly different wedding dreams. She dreams about her dress not arriving on time, or some other organizational disaster. I dream about wedding parties being completely consumed by raging flash floods while I stand helpless holding a rope that’s too short to save the periled souls. Or, I dream of the wedding gifts that arrive all being different versions of the game Risk.

A true window into the psyche.

Weird dreams

Last night I had weird dreams.

1. Elon Musk went to jail for some petty crime. The future of Tesla Motors was in question
2. Darth Vader was my step father and drowned in a swimming pool. It turns out though that Chewbacca’s uncle was Vader’s brother. He also drowned in that pool. Chewie and I were devestated. Still, we were pleased to find out that we had a common lineage and a bond, albeit solemn, through grieving.

Weird dream.

Last night I had a dream that I met a few neighbors of mine. Out of the blue, I asked if any of them play the bass.

“I have a parakeet that plays bass” reported one guy who kinda looked like a hippy as he held up a little white parakeet, perched on his finger, “he sits on the strings and pecks them to make sound.”


(update: it turns out this is not all that uncommon)

Weird dream

Last night I had a dream that my parent’s neighbor’s house had been locked and completely over run with ducks (all kinds: Mandarins, Mallards, Wood ducks, Pintails… etc). By some ridiculous coincidence, the person I was telling the story to happened to be an expert lock picker who excelled at duck calls.

We went to the house where he picked the lock and started making duck calls.

The ducks promptly left and all was well.