Lately, my subconscious has riddled me with nightmares, but such was not the case last night. No, last night I had a totally righteous dream.

I was back in my hometown. I was leaving church and walking home when I saw Irene and Vivienne walking up ahead. I started jogging to catch up… but something wasn’t quite right. I would take a stride, and go much farther than expected. I was running uphill, next to Stoneham’s own Pomworth park, but not feeling even remotely tired. I took an especially long stride and just kind of… coasted in the air for about 5 meters before returning to the ground. I pushed off again and went equally as far. Could I jump high too? Could I make it over the baseball diamond’s towering backstop fence? I pushed hard and up, up, up… I cleanly cleared the backstop.

Normally this alone would be pretty awesome, but imagine my glee when turning around the corner… came a convoy of Monster Trucks. How often are you faced with the sudden acquisition of a super power and an almost comedic opportunity to jump over a monster truck?

I jumped up and soared over the monster trucks. As I cleared a vertical exhaust pipe, the warm air pushed me higher still. I turned around in mid-air (interestingly, this is the only part in the dream where I thought “huh, I shouldn’t be able to do that”) and landed softly on the sidewalk.

Good job Subconscious. Good job.


Although I’ve been struggling with sleep lately, last night saw some decent shut-eye. I was really hoping for some sweet dreams as I drifted off. I even tried to jump start good dreams by trying to fall asleep thinking of awesome things. Instead, I dreamed that I was working in the stock room at work. Hold on to your socks folks. Whew! Pretty much a thriller there.

Nothing happened in the dream. I just had to keep picking parts for the assemblers. It was pretty slow paced and pretty darn insignificant. No kung fu aliens. No herding of veloceraptors. No beautiful women giving massages. Just me and a whole bunch of small metal components that I could put into various boxes. It wasn’t even rushed. My deadline was way out there. I could pick parts at whatever speed I wanted.

Come on Subconscious. You can do waaaay better than that.

Dreams and Realizations.

Sunday night I had a dream. My sister T and I were headed over to the post office to drop some letters off for my mom. She was driving our family’s van. We chatted about nothing special as we made our way to our destination. It was about 8:45am.

As we pulled up we saw a huge crowd gathered in front of the door. It turns out they didn’t open until nine.

“oh man! this is going to take forever,” tree noted.
“why don’t you jump out and get in line,” I offered “I’ll park the van.”

Theresa hopped out of the drivers seat. I took the car and did a three point turn. Then I went turned left into the parking lot. Despite the large amount of people in front of the post office, the parking lot only had a few cars.

As I pulled into a spot I felt the car thump heavily. I used the auto-mirror on the passenger side to let me see if I’d hit anything.

I had run over and killed a toddler.


I woke up totally horrified wondering why on Earth casual dreams seem to get overly horrific without any warning. Despite waking up, I still felt like I was on Cape Cod. I pulled the warm blankets up over my shoulder and started drifting back to sleep… when I heard a sound from downstairs. “who would be downstairs at this hour?” I pondered.

And just like that, I realized I wasn’t on vacation in Cape Cod. No. I was at home. And it was Monday morning. And in 45 minutes, I’d have to get up and go to work.

What a lousy way to start a week.


I had a pretty nasty nightmare last night.

I was driving on a highway at night. I was in the third lane, going south at a reasonable speed. There was a light fog and my headlights had limited effectiveness. The general environment was a bit like the bat for lashes video. Dark. Cold.

I don’t know where I was coming from, but I do know that I was headed home to the House of Rock. I was tired and anxious to get home. The trip was proceeding rather boringly. Just driving, nothing more.

Until the check engine light lit. I looked down at the dash and groaned. Just earlier this week I had spent some money to get some work done on the car and looking down at the dash, I wasn’t too excited to spend more. I returned to driving but had this impending sense of doom.

Moments later I passed a car in the breakdown lane. It was a small four door, gray and beat up a bit. Just after the car, my headlights suddenly illuminated a crowd of people standing in the road. In front were two guys. One faced east, the other north west. They just stood there. I slammed my foot against the brake, but nothing happened. I swerved the wheel hard right, and the car fishtailed out.

I woke up as my car plowed through the crowd of people.