Anon. Advice.

So what’s the dilly? Where’s the first edition of the Anonymous Advice column?

well, we need to pull a few more questions in before it’s going to be any good. So this post is serving as another call to arms to the readers of

Need help with a relationship? Ask the advice team!
Not sure what to do about a tricky work situation? Ask the advice team!

Feel free to post your questions as comments to this post. As soon as a few questions come in? the advice team will rock it hard.


Two anonymous individuals are going to start answering your Advice questions on Similar to Defy McQuaid, except more opinionated, more advice column, and less science.

All this will Start Next Thursday!! So submit your questions today in the comments of this post!

Our team of anonymous advice columnists will surely impress you with their intelligence and common sense.