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Magnus. WATCH THIS. It’s a documentary about Magnus Carlsen the world chess champion. It’s exceptional. This is my top recommendation for you today.

Supertunnel. This is a short Nova show on the new London subway tunnel. Fairly interesting and exciting from an engineering perspective.


There Will Be Blood. For a movie that we weren’t huge fans of, Jen and I sure did talk a lot about There Will be Blood. It won a bunch of awards when it came out in 2007. Still, I wouldn’t recommend it for a casual Sunday afternoon. It feels like something you’d watch in a college sophomore year film class.


Dallas Buyers Club: Really good! Between this and True Detective, I have a newfound respect for Mathew McConaughey.

American Psycho. I’m surprised I hadn’t already seen this. It was decent. Between the two, I think There Will be Blood has more academic depth, but American Psycho certainly provides plenty of brain fodder.

Library DVD:

Sully. Really great! They got a lot of movie out of that event. Two thumbs up.

Bridge of spies. Interesting because I knew nothing about it… but mostly just decent.

The Walk. Entertaining and light. This is a decent Sunday afternoon movie.

Anyone have recommendations of what they’ve watched and enjoyed as of late?

2 thoughts on “Viewing Recommendations

  • 4/25/2017 at 8:52 pm

    Unthinkable is amazing, as I’ve mentioned, but also check out Ex Machina for a great cerebral movie.
    I’m a WWII buff but check out Nazi Mega Weapons on Netflix – Season 1’s first few episodes are a great watch if you’re into engineering/history stuff.
    For a great intimate mix of storytelling and comedy – Mike Birbiglia – My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.
    Still looking?
    Shows – Penny Dreadful features some of the best acting I’ve seen.
    Movies – Frailty is on Netflix now and it’s a great mystery/suspense movie. Plus, more serious acting from McConaughey!

  • 4/26/2017 at 1:55 pm

    I just finished watching Avatar the Last Airbender with Tom. The first season is not great, but it picks up after that and was fun and easy to watch. Its just 30 minute episodes so it’s easy to fit in here and there, it’s on Prime.


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