Puzzle Solutions!

A huge thanks to those of you who participated in the Guess the Itinerary games. Here are the results with all hints explained:

Cologne, Germany
Hint 1: Cologne in Germany is Koln with an umlaut
Hint 2: Movement 4 of Schumann’s Rhenish Symphony was inspired by the cathedral in Cologne
Hint 3: Paco Rabanne – a fashion designer famous for men’s cologne

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hint 1: Red and Green symbolize the red light district and the legal use of marijuana in Amsterdam.
Hint 2: Amsterdam uses an emblem with great frequency that demonstrates protection from Fire, flood, and Plague
Hint 3: A dutch colonial

Bruges, Belgium
Hint 1: Colin Farrel was in a movie called In Bruges
Hint 2: This giant drum is a music box that plays the bells in the Belfry tower in Bruges
Hint 3: Bruges is building a beer pipeline.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Hint 1: “The inventor of the saxophone without his instrument.” This refers to Adolphe Sax. If you remove the word sax you get “Adolphe” which is the iconic bridge of Luxembourg
Hint 2: Luxembourg City has some of the longest underground fortifications in the world. These are referred to as Casemates.
Hint 3: it’s the Toyota HiLux. Hi Luxembourg!

Metz, France
Hint 1: like Babies and Oranges: Navel – Nave. 41.41m is the height of St. Stephen’s cathedral’s Nave. It is one of the tallest naves in the world.
Hint 2: Wright plays for the Mets. Mets… Metz…
Hint 3: This was the worst hint in the world. It’s a waveform from the band Metz – but I can’t think of anyway that someone could convert this into music. Especially at this resolution.

Thanks again to all the players, and a special thumbs up to Sander’s efforts on the last puzzle. It was so thorough I was almost convinced that I had remembered my trip incorrectly.

One thought on “Puzzle Solutions!

  • 8/1/2015 at 12:24 am

    Ah, Nave. I was on the right track with Navel, but I went with boats. Especially since 41.41m can be a boat measurement. I was thinking the baseball video was for “barehanded” not “Mets”, so I was thinking of homebuilt boats, not Naves and Metz. And that waveform I just chalked up to not ever being able to figure it out.


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