House of Closed.

The House of Rock is currently empty of tenants. Purchased in December of 2004 and consolidated in July of 2007, over the nine years of ownership this House has seen 14 residents and one official significant other: Mike D, Jesse, Mark, Sander, Tom, Jon, Liz, Jason, Mike K, Mike P, Nick, Kevin, Brian, Shaun (& his wife Jessica)

Their tenure at the House have varied from 3mo at the shortest to 6.5years at the longest (I am not including myself in the data set) with five of the tenants holding their rooms for 4 years or more. I can hope that most persons used the House, with its good community and mostly affordable rent, as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Perhaps the most startling aspect of this transition is the suddenness of the House’s emptying. The House went from a population of 4 to 0 in one month.

The House has experienced quite a physical transition as well. Tons of work has been done on this thing in the time that we’ve lived there:

1. Kitchen ceiling and appliances replaced
2. Electric fuse box made new
3. Garage floor poured
4. Garage doors installed
5. Driveway replaced
6. 1/2 the Roof newified
7. Closet built
8. Both Bathrooms rejuvenated
9. Pizza oven constructed
10. Dining room made mature

And now that it’s empty it’s undergoing one more facelift before it will graduate from House of Rock to House for Rent.

1. Basement de-watered (done!)
2. Carpet recarpeted (in progress)
3. Kitchen recountered
4. Paint!
5. Fix the tiny annoying things

We’re hoping to have all items complete before the spring so we can start renting to a family once we buy a new home of our own. I’m not sure how well that will go; it’s a tough market. Still, the House is a pretty great place. It has a wealth of space and a lot of attributes that I hope will be used with appreciation by a family looking for this kind of home.

You’ll likely see some posts over the next month chronicling some of those changes.
Tomorrow? Carpet.

One thought on “House of Closed.

  • 11/30/2014 at 8:56 pm

    And to this day, the HoR is still hands down the best place I ever lived while living in Connecticut and you guys were the best roommates ever!


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