Breaking Bath

The House of Rock has started its next renovation adventure: the bathrooms. Plural.

Having never embarked on such a journey, I vasty underestimated the job. This is not unusual. Sometimes my mind tricks me into thinking that renovation jobs will be simple, and only once I’ve passed the point of no return do I realize that I have entered a world of hurt.

I’m doing the demolition for the two bathrooms and then I’ve hired a family friend to help with fixing things up.

I’m saving the pedestal sink – I think it is classy
That tile floor hides an inch and a half of rock

Thankfully my roommate Brian was available to help with the demolition. He was far more efficient than I was, though I’ve learned a few tricks that will most certainly help me on the second bathroom.

Stripped to its bones
Its a gonna need a new subfloor as well

Today the reconstruction begins.

Nothing too crazy with this first bathroom. New walls, new floor, new tile, new framing, and a less mildew friendly shower area. More photos to come!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bath

  • 9/24/2012 at 3:07 pm

    I love those bright orange shoes! They stand out a lot in that bathroom apocalypse background.

    • 9/24/2012 at 4:40 pm

      Those are Kevin’s shoes!

      It should be noted that as soon as Kevin saw the bathroom apocalypse he commented on how this room now has the ideal eroded urban architectural highlights of a top end New Haven bar.


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