Love Thy Neighbor – Manstae

A week or two ago I was visiting my folks when my father excitedly beckoned me to the computer.

Back when Dad D was in his teens he was in a band called Love Thy Neighbor. They played mostly honky tonk ragtime sort of covers that were fun and lively. He and his buddies even made a record. When I was a kid, we’d put that record on the record player in the basement and dance and sing along with his group.

It turns out that some music lovers found the Love They Neighbor LP and have talked about it online. One of the guys in Dad D’s band even found one of the two originals posted online. The song is called Manstae. It is delightfully 70’s. Check it out.

How sweet is that? My Dad’s band getting air time 40 years after releasing their LP. Way to go Dad D!

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