If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting too much lately. And admittedly, I can’t promise to return to my previous levels of posting as that was somewhat insane. New obligations at work, at home, and within DrawSomething (seriously. This game was meant for me.) have taken up much of my time.

BUT! I will keep trying to jump on the site whenever I can to update the masses. “Gettin’ back into it” is what all the cool kids are doing. And by “all the cool kids” I mean ZeFrank (shown here with ZeSchenk). It’s TRUE! ZeFrank has restarted TheShow. Check it out here. For those of you not in the know, ZeFrank is a videoblogger (Vlogger if you will) who is known for his unusual but entertaining/thought provoking content. I strongly recommend you add it to your weekly website visiting routine.

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