The Pizza Party

While this winter might have been one of the tamest we’ve seen in recent history, it has felt like forever to the pizza oven which has laid quietly dormant for five months. And what better way to kick off daylight savings than resurrect its fiery heart! Indeed, the decision to host a pizza party at the HoR led to what very well might have been two of the most productive weeks ever seen by the likes of the House of Rock.

It started with a massive cleaning effort by Jen and me. Jen acted as catalyst, I acted as steamroller. Goodwill trips were made. Trashbags were filled. The mop was dusted off and used. It was a new day for the House of Rock.

Next I got rid of the Mazda and the Van. I used – speedy and effective! I got about $300 for each vehicle. BAM. Then I scheduled a visit by the maids (MaidPro there). When the Saturday prep was first initiated the House of Rock glistened.

Saturday prep was extensive. Dough was made, toppings were chopped, meats were pre-cooked, and sauce was left simmering for hours.

Sunday morning saw an early start with the chopping of wood and the cleaning of the oven. We pulled back the cover and started the initial fire. A few hours later the guests started to arrive.

What a day! We made a ton of pizzas and supplemented them with salads, baked beans in the oven, and a few specialty items brought by the guests. Dad D brought poolish dough for pizza and Vivienne brought Naan.

Both experiments were successful (thought the poolish took a few tries).

I have a few pictures that I hope to load up tomorrow. Stay tuned for mouth-watering images.

Final verdict? Massive success. The oven held up fine after its first winter. I look forward to a summer of taste sensations.

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