Name of the Wind

I just finished Patrick Rothfuss’s book ‘Name of the Wind’. This particular book was recommended to me by my sister Alicia and was far different from any other books I’ve read in recent history namely because it’s Fantasy.

Roll not your eyes! This book is awesome. Yes, it has a horrific cover. And yes, it does delve into Demons, Magic and the like. But suck it up and read it because it is great. This book is to the stereotypical Fantasy genre as The Passage is to Twilight. It is deep, dark, and thoroughly engaging and not remotely tacky or glittery.

The big trouble with ‘Name of the Wind’ (much like The Passage*) is that it’s part of an incomplete three book series. And while the second book of this series is complete, the third is not. Why do I do this to myself?!?! ACcording to my limited research, Mr. Rothfuss has already written the full story (all three books). Originally, he’d planned on releasing one per year for three years. However life got in the way. He published the first in 2007, the second in March 2011, and the year that’s currently listed on publishing sites for the third is 2014.

So if you plan to read it, read it slowly.

(Passage book 2: Aug 2012, book 3: 2014)

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