The Artist

This past weekend, in addition to getting a bunch of new clothes for my fashion goals, I went to see the movie “The Artist” with Jen. I don’t usually see more than about one movie at a theater per year, so this was a special treat.

Holy Frijoles this is an awesome movie. I originally heard about it on an NPR show that was talking about some of the best movies of 2011. Curiously, I had heard no advertisements for the film – perhaps because it started as an independent flick. It’s a silent movie about the silent movie era and I strongly recommend going to see it. It’s top shelf.

Perhaps what impressed me most was the movie’s simplicity. No frills, no CGI, just quality story-telling. It’s a smile inducing film that isn’t tacky or overdone. It doesn’t have that fake romantic comedy feel or any frustration from superfluous action. It feels genuine and sincere.

Admittedly, at times it felt a little long. But the story continually moved forward and my investment in the characters was deep.

Has anyone else seen it who would like to comment without giving away too many details?

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