We made amazing progress this weekend with the oven. We had a pizza party pre-run and… get ready for this… we cooked a pizza in one minute. ONE MINUTE!! It might be the single most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. We slid the pizza off the pizza peel. When it hit the hot brick it immediately started steaming. Then as I pulled the peel away from the oven surface some cornmeal fell off the pizza peel peel… it spontaneously combusted!! Seconds later the edges of the pizza were charred, the top cheese was melted, and the surface of the pizza began to bubble.

Was it delicious? Actually not really. It was pretty burned around the sides, and I performed a major party foul and pushed the pizza into some of the ash. Oops. But the middle of our first pizza was quite epic and the quality improved dramatically as the day progressed. We cooled the oven slightly and started doing 3 minute pizzas which were coming out beautifully. Really top-notch. I think we’ve pretty much got to where we wanted to go with this oven.

I’m pleased.

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  • 10/7/2011 at 4:16 pm

    This is amazing. 3 minute pizza!!!


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