The Graduation. Part 2.

Immediately following Sunday’s graduation was a pretty sweet reception where we got to hang out with all the recent grads and their families. I took a wealth of family/friend pictures. Let’s post a ton of pictures!

Darcy’s Dad has been waiting to wear this UConn hat for quite a while. He wore it proudly.

Father Daughter!

Darcy’s parents are awesome

Darce with Mom and Dad!

Especially her Mom who, like DadDarcy, was extremely proud of her daughter!

A Proud Mom

The aftermath…

This event was also the first time I’ve had the opportunity to meet Darcy’s brother Tom!

Darcy with her Bro!

Darcy’s achievement brought in friends from near and far as well. Including Viv and Jobonga!

Viv, Darce, and Jobonga: The three classiest ladies. Pretty much ever.

And Whitney!

Darce and Whitney

And sometimes Whitney is weird.

Sometimes Whitney is weird.

A few other photos:
I snagged a great picture of Sarah and her Dad.

Like father, like daughter: radiologists.

And another great picture of Sarah and Katie.

Sarah and Katie!

Once again, super huge congratulations to Darcy, Sarah, and Katie for their monstrous achievements. Keep on rockin’ in the medical world!

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