The Graduation. Part 1.

Sunday afternoon, Darcy, SarahLyla, Katie, and others graduated from UCONN’s school for medicine. I’m typically not a huge fan of graduations, but this one was actually quite enjoyable – mostly because I have seen the incredible efforts put forth by Darce and company towards getting these momentous degrees. (Also because they gave an honorary degree to Philip Bailey – lead singer of Earth, Wind, and Fire – awesome!)

Pretty early in the ceremony, Darcy was honored on stage.

Darcy receives her glorious hood!

Darcy deserves some mad props because she didn’t just get one doctorate. No way. A PhD alone was not sufficient. She went all PhD/MD.

And then... another degree!

Way to steal the show Darcy.


Seriously though, it was pretty hardcore. Darcy got to cross the stage twice, receive two hoods, and receive the massive respect of everyone.

Awesome job Darcy!!!!

There were a few other noteworthy victories on Sunday. Both Katie and Sarah received their MDs.


Katie’s was extra fun because her parents are both teachers at UCONN, so she was able to receive her degree directly from her parents – so cool.

Congrats Sarah!

SarahLyla’s MD was also noteworthy in that she is following in the footsteps of her father who also rocked an MD with a concentration in radiology.

Overall, an extremely successful graduation event! Congratulations to Darcy, Sarah, Katie, and Philip Bailey!! Great job!! Tomorrow morning I shall be posting some hilarious pictures from the reception.

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